The strong business ties of Phanos N. Epiphaniou Public Ltd with the Viohalco group of companies, has allowed STELMECO to undertake the exclusive distribution of ETALBOND® by ELVAL COLOR in Cyprus. ETALBOND® is a technologically advanced material, whose unique features make it ideal for creative architectural design.

The flexibility and elegant surface of ETALBOND® provide a perfect solution for exterior and interior cladding of new buildings, as well as renovations. The material is compact, light and durable, with very good thermal insulation properties, suitable for highly energy-efficient buildings.  As an added benefit, it is easily applied on curved or flat surfaces and the variety of vivid colours available can enhance the design of any building.

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360 Tower

Developer: Cyfield Group

Alpha Mega Lakatamia

Architect: Demetrios Constantinou & Associates

Capital Gate

Developer: Cyfield Group


Developer: DTA Group

Only I100

Developer: DTA Group

Six Towers

Architect: Eraclis Papachristou Architects


Developer: Aristo Developers

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